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Privacy Policy

Updated as of February 23, 2015

We collect personal information and information about your business several different ways: from what you provide to us when you register for any Cityhosting service; from your use of the Services; from Cityhosting web pages you visit, from calls or emails between us; from our service providers; and from your website itself when your Cityhosting account is active.

THE INFORMATION WE MAY GET ABOUT YOU INCLUDES THINGS SUCH AS YOUR ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, LANGUAGE PREFERENCE AND WHETHER YOU ARE DEAF OR HARD OF HEARING. THE INFORMATION WE MAY GET FROM YOUR WEBSITE INCLUDES THINGS SUCH AS DATA ABOUT ITS OPERATION (such as diagnostic codes, online stats); ABOUT YOUR USE OF Cityhosting SERVICES; ABOUT WHERE YOUR BUSINESS IS JUST BEFORE AND DURING REQUESTS FOR SURFING INFORMATION OR Cityhosting SERVICES THAT INVOLVE A CONNECTION TO YOUR BUSINESS; AND (DEPENDING ON YOUR Cityhosting account) DATA ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE USE THESE SERVICES (for example, online email campaign sent out and people responding). If you enroll in Cityhosting services, we will collect information from your customers on a per account basis. You agree that we can, subject to applicable law, use any of this information to: (a) provide Cityhosting services to you, your business; (b) communicate with you about your account; (c) check or maintain your Cityhosting account; (d) obtain information about the Business online and overall performance and aggregate product usage, and to enable us to comply with the law; (e) help you or managers; (f) provide information to your business or your associated third party companies for the purpose of providing Cityhosting services requested by you and to enable them to bill you for those Cityhosting services (i.e. Outside streaming servers); (g) evaluate and improve our service; (h) enforce this agreement with you or others; (i) prevent fraud or misuse of Cityhosting service; (j) comply with legal requirements, including valid court orders in criminal investigations; (k) protect the rights, property, or safety of you or others; (l) offer you new or additional products or services; (m) confirm your eligibility in discount programs you’ve applied for; (n) perform market research; or (o) provide you with information about the maintenance needs of your website by emailing you your Cityhosting report. You also agree that we can, subject to applicable law, 1) share your email address, including any email addresses collected through the Cityhosting services, with our subsidiaries and affiliates; 2) share your other contact information, information about your current Cityhosting services, your domain, and information about the use of your website features with our subsidiaries and affiliates, and our service providers for purposes of offering you products and services; and 3) share your Cityhosting status with companies with whom we have business relationships to determine eligibility in discount programs you’ve requested from those companies. Because Cityhosting provides service through internet networks, we can’t promise that your communications won’t be intercepted by others.

You agree we won’t be liable for any damages for any loss of privacy occurring in communication over such networks. We may communicate with you about your Cityhosting service by providing you with messages through the Cityhosting system to your computer. If you do not notify Cityhosting of a sale or transfer of your business, Cityhosting may continue to send Cityhosting online reports or other information about the business or the Cityhosting account to the billing or email address currently on file with Cityhosting. In such case, Cityhosting is not responsible for any privacy related damages you may suffer. Cityhosting © 2015