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Virtual Phone System Packages

Virtual Phone Systems allow you to set up vanity phone ( numbers that cater to YOUR brand. They are an easy and affordable way to keep your business phone number top of mind and easy to remember! We will create local and 1-866 numbers for your business based on your needs. They will be forwarded to any existing phone number and can be canceled any time if you change your mind*.  We can also set up a phone to an old phone number for tracking purposes.

Canadian and US Customers: 
 Setup Local Number:  $59
 Setup 1-866 vanity number:  $149
 Ongoing monthly  $49
 Tracking Features For US Customers $50, For CAD Customers: $65


What you get:

  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • 50 voicemails extensions
  • 15 voicetree extensions

Add tracking? Here’s what you get:

  • 1 local phone number
  • Up to 100 minutes
  • 6¢/Additional minute
  • Analytics of your data – Find out which calls made you sales
  • Recordings of phone messages from your sales team from leads that resulted from the campaign

The Process

Let’s talk details about what you want to do with your phone system. Do you want a local number or a  toll free 1-866 number with a vanity word?  How about both?

Once we understand your needs of:

  1. a voicemail
  2. voice tree
  3. call sequence

We can then create your voicemail systems accordingly. We’ll set it all up and teach you how easy it is! You can then personalize your voicemail message, then get down to business!

* 30 day written notice

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